Admissions and Referrals

Patients are usually referred to Totara Hospice South Auckland through a healthcare professional, such as a General Practitioner (GP), specialist medical practitioners or community agency. Any eligible adult patient with an active advanced progressive life-limiting disease such as cancer, heart failure, motor-neurone disease or multiple sclerosis (MS) may be referred for Hospice services at some point in their life. Please consult with your healthcare provider such as your GP for details on how they can help refer you to us.

Please check that you live within the coverage area of Totara Hospice via the map below. If you fall outside of our catchment area, you can find your districts hospice services here. The map below is an overview only, you are welcome to call Totara Hospice on 09 640 0025 and a Hospice nurse can clarify specific address details and catchment areas.


My referral has been accepted: now what? 

When a referral is received and accepted, you can expect contact from a hospice nurse within 72 hours to arrange a first assessment/meeting. You are welcome to have your family/whanau or carers present. A plan of care will be discussed with you and any other key healthcare professionals involved in your care e.g. General Practitioner. Totara Hospice offers an integrated clinical team – some of our services can be viewed here.

You can also view the criteria guidelines for eligibility for adult palliative care services in New Zealand here. You are welcome to contact us on (09) 640 0025 for more information.