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Wishlist: By purchasing this Wishlist item the costs will go towards the necessary purchase of your chosen item/s.

The Inpatient Unit has an Afternoon Refreshment Trolley which a volunteer takes around to patient rooms after 4pm, serving patients who may be after a drink or alcoholic beverage to enjoy for the evening. This is, most often, delivered by a volunteer team member; offering wine, beers and spirits to best suit a patients request.

You can help to keep this stocked up for its daily rounds, by donating towards the costs.

Choose the type/amount you wish to donate towards:

  • A bottle of wine – the type of wine will be chosen based on what variety is low in stock.
  • A box (12) of beer – the brand of beer will be selected based on supplier specials (most commonly lagers - Heineken, Steinlager, Peroni etc.).
  • A bottle of spirits - the type of spirit will be chosen based on what variety is low in stock.
  • A combination of all types: 3x bottles of wine, 1x 12 box of beer, 1x bottle of spirits.

Please note: If you have a specific type you would like purchased with your donation, please leave this in the comments area during checkout.

These items are purchased thanks to the generosity of supporters like you, to provide this a comfort to the patients of Totara Hospice. Your support through purchasing Wishlist items means available funds are able to go directly towards providing Palliative Care for terminal patients.

By purchasing a Wishlist Item in the online Wishlist Store you will not receive any physical goods. All funds will go towards the purchase of item/s you have chosen to fund.

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