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PRICE: NZD $30.00


This is the ultimate chocolatey gift if you are looking to surprise or delight someone for a special occasion - Birthdays or just for fun! Grab the hammer, smash the cake open and see what’s inside!
You have the option of choosing a 'filled' or 'unfilled' smash cake. If you select the filled option - underneath the hollow chocolate will be a range of delicious chocolatey treats. If you select the 'unfilled' option, the smash cake comes without the extra chocolates underneath and is simply a chocolate mould. Feel free to put any gift you like inside too!
You can also choose your wording on the cake - "Happy Birthday" or "Hari Huritau" or if you would like to customise it to your own words, please select the 'Custom' option in the 'Choose Wording' drop-down and write your message under the 'Custom Wording' box. Please note, custom messages are $10.00 extra.
All smash cakes come with a wooden hammer and all ‘gifts’ are excluded.
Pick-ups are available 8am-3pm Mon - Fri from Cafe Aroha 140 Charles Prevost Drive, The Gardens
If you wish to pre-order a Smash Cake on a date that is not listed under the 'Pick Up Options' tab, please contact
Prices are including GST.

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