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PRICE: NZD $2,000.00


Honour someone special to you with an interactive Legacy Plaque on the Totara Hospice Legacy Wall, located in the beautiful hospice gardens. It is a special way to preserve and share the memories of those most important to you, and honour the importance of the legacy they have left behind.

Lifestone (www.Lifestone.co.nz) uses scanning technology to link an online legacy page to the Legacy Plaque at Totara Hospice. An online legacy page can be created which can be filled with stories, photos and videos of your loved one. Scanning a Legacy Plaque using the Lifestone App will display an individual’s Legacy Page.

Once you have made your donation for the Legacy Plaque, you will be contacted to confirm the details of the name that will be displayed on the plaque, along with details of how to create your loved one’s Lifestone Legacy page. 

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