Support a patients meals for a day for just $35

PRICE: NZD $35.00


At Totara Hospice the costs to support patients in the Inpatient Unit with meals is not covered by government funding.

We are today asking you to donate to support the average cost of a days’ worth of meals to a patient staying with us – just $35.

At Totara Hospice we honour living and dignify dying. We believe that a huge part of honouring our patient’s lives is to prepare food and meals that they would like. We provide breakfast, lunch and dinner, but we also provide food whenever the patient would like it.

If you make a $35 donation that will support us being able to deliver a day’s meals to a patient staying in our Inpatient Unit. A home cooked meal for the patient can provide a wellbeing and comfort that means so much as they travel through the journey of a terminal illness.

Donate $35 (or you can donate as many meals as you would like), thank you for supporting Totara Hospice.

Prices are including GST.

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