Thursday, 16 September 2021




Jail & Bail – lock up your boss or workmate until they're ‘bailed out’ by donations!

Turn yourself, or your workmate in for their office crimes. Common trends in criminal behaviour might include stealing office stationery, spilling coffee on the keyboard, singing loudly with headphones in, or letting the office plant die.

Totara Hospice provides free palliative care to those living with a life-limiting illness in the South and South-East Auckland area.

We’re asking our community to spend a few hours ‘locked up’ at our ‘cell’ (location to be confirmed) to help fundraise for our cause.

Participants will spend 11:30am-2:30pm on *Thursday 16th September, pleading bail for their crime – once the bail target is reached, prisoners will be set free. Some may be on parole if they are bailed out early.

To register please email

*Final date still to be confirmed


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